Slow going here

as the Spring semester winds down.

Still, I have managed to finish the furry purple thing:

ruffled edge wrap

ruffled edge wrap

(the Ruffled Edge Wrap – which will be very warm next winter, if very bright)

I’ve started my second Clapotis in luscious red bamboo:

clapotis 2

clapotis 2

And I’ve started a pair of semi-mindless socks which will be the beginning of the Christmas knitting:

harris tweed socks

harris tweed socks

They were necessary to go to the NETSL conference, so that I could sit still for hours.  They’ll also serve for the ride to NYC tomorrow.

The semester ends in 11 days (and yes, I’m counting) so there should be some good progress after that for 4 weeks!

Well, well …

… it turns out that blogging is not really compatible with full- and part-time work and part-time grad school. Who knew? ;)

A brief update in pics and maybe I’ll be able to get to this more regularly.

Christmas has been and gone. Fall 08 semester is over and Spring 09 has started. Lots of things got finished:

Madeline’s Unoriginal tennis hat (to go with her Evangeline mitts)

Madeline’s Evangeline mitts (for early, and cold) outdoor tennis practice:

My first Clapotis (and no, it won’t be the last):

Some Daria bracelets (for me and for gifts):

Phoebe’s Evangelines (for Christmas):

Phoebe’s Estella (for her birthday):

Bama Baby Beanie (for Tuppence’s new not so little one):

Zach’s That Chocolate’s Gone Straight to Your Ribs hat (for Chris
Zach’s Mr. Pitt’s socks (for Christmas):

Jingle Elf booties (special order):

Headset covers (for me):

My brown bag lunch bag (for work):

And probably a few more things, but oh well.