a cunning plan

felted tote bag

I have finally figured out what to do with the lovely but incredibly unwieldy (and therefore impractical) felted tote.  I’m repurposing it into 3 separate projects: 2 gps cases (the ungrateful one and I both got one for Christmas) and a laptop tote.  The laptop tote might be put on hold for a little while until I see whether I’m going to continue with my existing laptop or (hopefully) transition to a netbook when I get a “real” job.

It’s nice to finally be doing something with this behemoth.  It looks lovely and I think with some imagination (and some luck!) I’ll be able to make it into several useful and good-looking items. :)

So … I bravely started cutting …

… then (after refreshing my doing blanket stitch around a corner skills – thanks internet and futuregirl!) I pinned and started sewing …

gps bag… blanket-stitch attached and edged an extra strip to make a closure …

gps bag… dug out the button box and found the perfect button…

and voila!

gps bag

Almost instant birthday present for the ungrateful one. :)

Several things on the burner right now

Including … the never-to-be-a-cardigan cabled knitting tote (lightly felted and waiting for handles):

The crocheted scarf (aka “I don’t know what possessed me, and what am I going to do with all those ends?):

Jolene’s booties (for the shower tomorrow … must finish tonight!):
According to my Ravelry queue, I should be starting several other projects mighty soon. George’s scarf for Christmas should be first. Then Mum’s scarf (if I get the yarn soon), then Drake’s mitts, and then Zach’s mitts. Not sure if I can get all that done in six weeks, but I’ll certainly try.

Too many things started … not enough finished

Well, I’m in middle of multiple Denim booties. The problem with these is because they’re done in a self-striping yarn, and they’re so small, they come out looking like mismatched pairs. I’ve decided to knit multiple single booties (also a good exercise in working out how many I’ll get from a ball of yarn), and then see if I can match them up. Already the ones I’ve been knitting are much darker than the pair I sold at etsy … not sure why. The single bootie I managed out of the tiny remains of a skein is almost all dark gray/blue.

Other booties that need to be tackled: black cats, another pair of pumpkins to sew up, tuxedos to sew up, and start thinking about Christmassy ones.

My (ginormous) felted tote still needs the handle sewn on before I give it a trial. Pics to follow if it’s successful.

Drake’s Steel Yard mitts need to be started, as does George’s Windowpane scarf (I would have sworn that I found the pattern for this at knitpicks, but I can’t see it there now – I hope I printed it out!).

That’s not to mention Phoebe’s socks (in this fabulous colour from Razzy Tazzy Knits), Phoebe’s sweater (Tubey, but I don’t have all the yarn yet), Mum’s wrap (which I’m combining patterns for), and the fool idea I had that everyone would get a pair of socks this Christmas.

So … priorities …

  • tote finished
  • mitts started
  • pumpkin booties sewn up and listed on etsy
  • denim booties finished
  • tuxedo booties finished, pics taken, and listed
  • black cats – experiment with ears
  • Phoebe’s socks: start
  • Tubey for Phoebe: start
  • scarf for George: start
  • wrap for Mum: start