year of scarves update #9

Getting close to the end!

phoebe's un-Noro striped scarf
This is the ungrateful one’s (or her boyfriend’s) un-Noro scarf in Moda Dea Tweedle Dee. She wanted something in these colours and I was lucky enough to find plenty of each colour from two different Ravelers. One of them kindly sent an extra skein in a different colour and the girl has already knit herself a scarf out of it with some DIC Classy leftovers scavenged from my stash. All I have to do now is get her beyond garter stitch and she’ll be over on the dark side with the rest of us. ;)

That’s the second last scarf this year (I’ll knit another the same for Chris for Christmas), so the total will be 12 for the year.  Not exactly one each month as far as when they were knitted, but it averages out that way.  :)

As far as other knitting goes … well, it is the end of November so the manic Christmas knitting is in full swing.  Here’s what I plan to knit between now and December 24th (crazy person goal items are in italics):


  • Un-Noro for the ungrateful one: underway
  • Un-Noro for the boyfriend: next


  • Jackson’s “Alive, alive-O!” fish hat; underway except that I apparently live in some kind of alternate reality where 0.2 of a skein of Knit Picks Swish Worsted in black is enough to do all the black stripes.  Alas, I’ve had to order more from KP, which necessitated buying just over $50 worth of stuff total to get the free shipping.  ;)
  • Botanic for Wright: done!
  • Super-simple fast & easy chunky hand-knit beret for the ungrateful one: I will have enough of the Moda Dea Tweedle Dee left to do one of these in gray, I think.
  • Botanic (I think) for the boyfriend
  • Botanic (again!) for the architect
  • Botanic (I should be able to knit this in my sleep by now) for the boy


  • Dashing in machine wash and dry Wool-Ease for the architect: underway
  • Hive Mitts for our stupendous student aide at work (yarn ordered as part of KP “must get just over $50″ shopping spree)
  • Dashing (ditto machine wash & dry) for the boyfriend
  • Dashing (ditto care and knitting in sleep) for the boy
  • As yet unknown pattern for the ungrateful one


So, that’s only 2 more scarves, 5 hats, 5 pairs of mitts, 1 dog coat, and 2 coffee cozies to go, right?

Oh, and the Chiral cardigan I’ve done a gauge swatch and bought buttons for.  The buttons are just beautiful.

Argyle pattern pewter buttonsThey’re lead-free pewter in an Argyle pattern from Roosterick on etsy.  Not only are they lovely, but they come beautifully packaged, so they’d make great gifts for other knitters.

Oh, and finishing the ungrateful one’s blanket in time for her 21st a few days after Christmas.  Thankfully, that’s nearly done.  I’m halfway around the i-cord edging and it moves along pretty quickly.
i-cord edging on blanketWe won’t even mention the work I have to do for the final hours of my internship and the paper yet to be written.

Or the Maryjanes booties I took an order for yesterday …

year of scarves update #7

So, far from having all the spare time in the world now that I’m down to just the 2-credit internship to go, I’m swamped with work.  It might have something to do with still not being very good at saying no.  It’s a subject for another blog post though.

In the year of scarves, I’m still on track!  I finished the boy’s un-Noro scarf just in time for his birthday and I think he might actually like it!

un-noro striped scarfI’m at least 2/3 done with Mum’s Fishtail Lace scarf, but I need to rev up the pace to get it done and blocked before her birthday.

fishtail lace scarfI finally settled on patterns for the architect’s (Here and There Cables) and the ungrateful one’s scarves (Ruffles), so I can get started on those soon.

In the meantime, I finally got around to the two pairs of Shake Your Sockies booties requested by my boss for friends.  I got some lovely yarn at Knitty City when we were in the city the weekend before last and the booties are done, just waiting to be seamed.

preemie baby bootiesAnother big push will be finishing the ungrateful one’s blanket in time for her 21st.  Thankfully the weather is finally getting cooler, so I can work on that comfortably at night.

sock yarn blanket

year of scarves update #6

I’m a little slow getting to this, but I have been a bit busy …

My milkweed is finished and is just lovely.  I will definitely be making this pattern again.

The car-pooling Karius is also done, as is 220yds to graduation, but these are surprise gifts for later in the year, so no pics yet. :(

Midsummer Ruffles for Midwinter is also done.  Ditto re making this again.

Just Enough Ruffles scarfI’ve started the boy’s birthday scarf and although it’s got more bright colour than he would normally wear, I’m thinking it might be nice to see him with a splash of colour every now and then.  If he hates it, I’ll just knit him something more muted and give it to someone else (or keep it for myself!).

Zach's striped scarf underwayI’m not very happy with the yarn I’m using for this (Crystal Palace Mochi Plus).  While it’s dreamy soft and the colours are lovely, it varies so much in thickness that it’s infuriating.  There are sections where it changes instantly from something like a bulky weight to fingering or lace weight.  This produces an effect almost like a crease in the knitted fabric which is annoying.  You can see one in the pic above, right between the section with green stripes and the section with blue stripes – there’s an olivey-green stripe that almost looks like there’s a fold in the scarf.  Grrrr.  I won’t be using this yarn again.

year of scarves update #1

Well, it seems that it will be easier to have a plan for this year’s knitting (being the last year of my master’s) that involves a number of semi-mindless but cool patterns.  Hence, the year of scarves.  Everyone will get one for their birthday which totally takes me off the hook for Christmas knitting.  ;)

First up, Dad’s “Un-Noro Striped Scarf.”  He probably wouldn’t like the Noro, and I just plain can’t afford it at the moment, so I’m making this with two colours of self-striping Patons.  The effect isn’t quite the same as the Noro, but I like it and I think Dad will too.

Obviously …

… I am bad at this *sigh*.

Oh well, an update anyway.

Recently finished objects:

Some multi-stripe booties (nice to look at but a pain in the ass to knit – so fiddly!)

My first attempt at Magic Loop socks (and boy am I a convert):

On the needles:

Blankie pillow cover:



Flutter Sleeve Cardigan:
Plus two pairs of strawberry booties for etsy.

Long time …

… no blog (I wonder how many times that’s been done).

Much to report on. I suppose I’m not really very good at keeping up with this. Oh well, it really is just an exercise in web 2.0 for me after all, so I’m not really feeling guilty at all.

Onwards to the projects, both completed and underway.

On the needles: Dad’s Jaywalker socks (for Christmas):

Socket: this is Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket (sure to be an extremely long-term project:

Finished: two pairs of heart booties for etsy:

My Central Park Hoodie (cph) is coming along. It’s actually a little bit further along than in this picture. The right front is done – first foray into short row shoulder shaping went well – the back is done and is waiting til I find buy more stitch holders, then it’s on to the left front. Then just the sleeves (and figuring out whether to knit those in the round or not), the hood (figuring out whether to kitchener that or not) and the button bands (do I want buttons or do I just want really nice oversized one at the top?) *sigh*

Two pairs of stripey booties for zero as a special order on etsy:

Next pair of stripes for etsy:

Finished! (And just in time for his birthday – I think I finished the day before!) Dad’s Diamonds for Him vest:

Drake’s Dashing:

Special order Snowbells baptism booties for etsy:

My Astrakan Vest:

A spare pair of Snowbells for etsy:

Also underway: a t-shirt blanket/throw and bunny booties (no pics yet).

Several things on the burner right now

Including … the never-to-be-a-cardigan cabled knitting tote (lightly felted and waiting for handles):

The crocheted scarf (aka “I don’t know what possessed me, and what am I going to do with all those ends?):

Jolene’s booties (for the shower tomorrow … must finish tonight!):
According to my Ravelry queue, I should be starting several other projects mighty soon. George’s scarf for Christmas should be first. Then Mum’s scarf (if I get the yarn soon), then Drake’s mitts, and then Zach’s mitts. Not sure if I can get all that done in six weeks, but I’ll certainly try.

Now summer's really over

So, school has definitely started. Chaos as usual, but hopefully it will get better.

Knitting? Well, for booties, the playmates are done and up at etsy.

The pink & green stripes seem to be getting the most interest though. I’ll have to try making more. That’ll be after the black cats, more tuxedos, another pair of denims, and whatever else awaits.

Other knitting? I must start Drake’s mitts and Mum’s wrap next, then possibly tackle Phoebe’s socks and her sweater.