stupid is as stupid does

So, I’m reknitting the strawberry booties so that I can make sure the pattern works before I put it up for sale on Ravelry.  I wasn’t ever completely happy with the shape of the finished booties, so after knitting one test pair the original way, I decided to alter the pattern a bit to make them shaped more like the other booties I make.

Here’s where the stupid comes in.  I couldn’t figure out why they (both test pairs) looked so freaking big.  Last night I finally peered at the tiny print on the Clover bamboo knitting needles.  US2.  Not US1, as they should be, but US2.  I managed to knit them on the wrong sized needles TWICE!

Oh, graduate school, you have a lot to answer for with this whole brain-eating phenomenon.

Back to the drawing board with the right needles …

Strawberry booties

Obviously …

… I am bad at this *sigh*.

Oh well, an update anyway.

Recently finished objects:

Some multi-stripe booties (nice to look at but a pain in the ass to knit – so fiddly!)

My first attempt at Magic Loop socks (and boy am I a convert):

On the needles:

Blankie pillow cover:



Flutter Sleeve Cardigan:
Plus two pairs of strawberry booties for etsy.


Well, the socks are done.

The strawberry booties are getting there.

Zach’s “tie-dye” yarn for socks is more of a “tie-don’t” – nice yarn if you want rainbow/circus coloured things. Oh well, I suppose I could knit a swatch and see what it actually looks like. It might make nice booties.

Drake’s mitts: Well, I can’t believe that I just ripped out a third of the first mitt again. Even simpler this time: all black w/logo done in doubled contrast in duplicate stitch.

I didn’t realize until I started doing the logo that because I’m knitting in the round, rather than back and forth, the contrast colour for the logo has to be carried all the way around the mitt. What a pain! They should go much faster now, although they’re still only a daylight knit. I just can’t see the black well enough at night.


Okay, so I got my invitation to ravelry. And, no, I haven’t done much of anything else in my spare time since. I’ve been photographing my embarrassingly large stash and recording current projects and queuing future ones.

On the actual knitting front, I’m on to the second pair of strawberries (finished one and started the second). I’ve almost finished Phoebe’s socks:

And I’ve come to a decision regarding the long stagnating cabled cardigan (soon to be a purse):