Obviously …

… I am bad at this *sigh*.

Oh well, an update anyway.

Recently finished objects:

Some multi-stripe booties (nice to look at but a pain in the ass to knit – so fiddly!)

My first attempt at Magic Loop socks (and boy am I a convert):

On the needles:

Blankie pillow cover:



Flutter Sleeve Cardigan:
Plus two pairs of strawberry booties for etsy.

Long time …

… no blog (I wonder how many times that’s been done).

Much to report on. I suppose I’m not really very good at keeping up with this. Oh well, it really is just an exercise in web 2.0 for me after all, so I’m not really feeling guilty at all.

Onwards to the projects, both completed and underway.

On the needles: Dad’s Jaywalker socks (for Christmas):

Socket: this is Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket (sure to be an extremely long-term project:

Finished: two pairs of heart booties for etsy:

My Central Park Hoodie (cph) is coming along. It’s actually a little bit further along than in this picture. The right front is done – first foray into short row shoulder shaping went well – the back is done and is waiting til I find buy more stitch holders, then it’s on to the left front. Then just the sleeves (and figuring out whether to knit those in the round or not), the hood (figuring out whether to kitchener that or not) and the button bands (do I want buttons or do I just want really nice oversized one at the top?) *sigh*

Two pairs of stripey booties for zero as a special order on etsy:

Next pair of stripes for etsy:

Finished! (And just in time for his birthday – I think I finished the day before!) Dad’s Diamonds for Him vest:

Drake’s Dashing:

Special order Snowbells baptism booties for etsy:

My Astrakan Vest:

A spare pair of Snowbells for etsy:

Also underway: a t-shirt blanket/throw and bunny booties (no pics yet).

Several things on the burner right now

Including … the never-to-be-a-cardigan cabled knitting tote (lightly felted and waiting for handles):

The crocheted scarf (aka “I don’t know what possessed me, and what am I going to do with all those ends?):

Jolene’s booties (for the shower tomorrow … must finish tonight!):
According to my Ravelry queue, I should be starting several other projects mighty soon. George’s scarf for Christmas should be first. Then Mum’s scarf (if I get the yarn soon), then Drake’s mitts, and then Zach’s mitts. Not sure if I can get all that done in six weeks, but I’ll certainly try.


Okay, so I got my invitation to ravelry. And, no, I haven’t done much of anything else in my spare time since. I’ve been photographing my embarrassingly large stash and recording current projects and queuing future ones.

On the actual knitting front, I’m on to the second pair of strawberries (finished one and started the second). I’ve almost finished Phoebe’s socks:

And I’ve come to a decision regarding the long stagnating cabled cardigan (soon to be a purse):