more happiness

In a fit of what I like to think of as the opposite end of the hormonal behaviour spectrum from nesting, I’ve spent most of the last two days rearranging, de-cluttering, cleaning, and just generally restoring order to my home office space.

I really didn’t want to start what will be a busy fall (work, other work, internship, user instruction job) in the badly organized and cluttered space as it was.

The impetus for this probably came from my ongoing project to weed out at least some of the books in the house.  The ulterior motive for that project was to get one particular bookcase emptied in order to do this:

Wheels within wheels, eh?  Don’t you just love the “wall of wool?”  I know I do.  :)

So, bring on fall, graduation, and holiday gift knitting.  I’m ready for it.