year of scarves update #1

Well, it seems that it will be easier to have a plan for this year’s knitting (being the last year of my master’s) that involves a number of semi-mindless but cool patterns.  Hence, the year of scarves.  Everyone will get one for their birthday which totally takes me off the hook for Christmas knitting.  ;)

First up, Dad’s “Un-Noro Striped Scarf.”  He probably wouldn’t like the Noro, and I just plain can’t afford it at the moment, so I’m making this with two colours of self-striping Patons.  The effect isn’t quite the same as the Noro, but I like it and I think Dad will too.

a quick update

And I’m determined to post this right away. ;)

The handknit librarian site is live, but only partially.  There’s much more work to do on that this week, but I’m looking forward to really getting some solid content uploaded and to getting started on the portfolio section.  Transferring this blog over there might be last on my list as I’m really not sure about that process.  Oh well, that’s what the Help and FAQ files are for, right?

Christmas has come and gone and was fairly low-key with no drama (just the way we like it!).  Knitting that did get finished included 4 hats, 4 pairs of mitts, and a market bag:

Still to finish, one more pair of fetchings and a wimple for Drake.  I’ll be seeing her for lunch later in the week (and for a tour of the partially renovated Steel Yard site) so I’m hoping to get them done.

Also finished to send before Christmas were the flower power booties and hat for Mandy in my Bama MLIS cohort.  Aren’t they too cute for words?

I’ve queued up a number of projects for 2010.  Wonder how many I’ll actually get done?

javascript zombie

So, I apparently wrote that last post, saved it, but never published it.  I’m definitely blaming javascript for having eaten most of my brain in the last few weeks.

Fortunately, the section of my brain that deals with the actual knitting (as opposed to writing about knitting) has survived the semester intact so far.

Vivian is underway, thanks mostly to my innate need to create order out of chaos translated into a nifty spreadsheet:

One hat, Felicity, is done:

One pair of mitts, in left over Dream in Color Classy, Fetching for Monica/Mum (haven’t decided who yet) is underway:

And the yarn for one thing that wasn’t on the list, a Wavy Feathers Wimple, has been ordered from LotusYarns on etsy, was dyed this weekend, and has been shipped.  It’s going to be beautiful.  Photo of yarn to follow when it gets here.

Somehow, in spite of the extensive Christmas knitting list, I have to knit a pair of French flag booties for a friend at work, a pair of tuxedo booties, so that I can rewrite the pattern to put up on Ravelry, and a pair, or two, of pretty, girly booties for a member of my MLIS cohort whose baby is due around New Years.  I’m thinking of trying to do an applique knitted flower on a pale pink or white pair for a “cherry blossom” effect.  Updates to follow.

on the first day of Christmas (knitting) …

my conscience prodded me ….

Let’s see, I apparently need to knit five easy hats, four pairs of fingerless mitts, … two cabled ornaments, and  one Vivian (which may kill me).

I may need to revise this.

I do have two pairs of socks stashed (one with a definite recipient in mind and one as a fallback – provided the recipient is female and wears size 8 or so shoes).  Three of the hats are really necessary, plus all the mitts, and Vivian.  The ornaments could be a victim of holiday knitting attrition.

I’ll start one hat this weekend.  I started Vivian (three times) this week, and I think I finally have it right.  I’ve made up a spreadsheet for the first two rows in the first two sizes (as I was undecided about what size to knit for the ungrateful one).  I’ll upload it here and link it once I’ve established that it really works.  I’m glad I’m not alone in struggling with the first couple of rows.

all work and no play

makes the handknit librarian a very dull girl indeed.

I’m on day six of what is scheduled to be thirteen straight days of work and in combination with a lot to do for both classes it really isn’t very good for my mental health.  Oh, and factor in the architect ripping up half the kitchen floor with the consequent dirt and chaos and I’m really crazy in the head.  Stepping in wet concrete while wearing suede shoes yesterday was almost the final straw.

Sanity may be saved by sneaking a day off work next week and going into NYC with the architect.  While he goes to some boring IT thingy at the Hilton mid-town, I’ll be hanging out at the NYPL, getting fish & chips for lunch at A Salt & Battery, then walking down to Purl in SoHo to drool over yarn.  I have to buy some sock yarn for a swap for the blankie, but I know it’s going to be hard to restrain myself …

Progress is slow on In Vino Wisteria.  I’m finally down to the cabled section at the bottom of the body, but it’s just going to get slower and slower as I go along because there are more and more cables.  Still, it does look great, and hopefully the sleeves will move along more quickly when I get to them.

I did manage to finish’s Grant’s (giant) CMU toe-up socks and he likes them (shown here with a “normal” sized sock for comparison):

I also made a nice hat for Alexandra (A Slouch for All Seasons) in Moda Dea Bamboo Wool which was really nice to knit with:

What is most likely only the first Meret I’ll make is finished (and I don’t think Phoebe has taken it off yet):

I’ve managed to start a little bit more holiday knitting too.  A Calorimetry for the girl in some luscious Malabrigo Dos (it really feels like butter) supplemented with some Woolen Rabbit laceweight.  The colour combination looks great:

WIP update

A rethink is in order for several wips – some strategizing, some knitting maths, some sweating, some graph paper, and probably much swearing.

First: LS 502: First Toe-Ups – the combined factors of working out how toe-up socks happen and planning for them to fit the world’s second biggest foot have temporarily confounded me.  I’m part-way through the gusset and totally winging it with the length.  I may need to send these for some temporary hibernation while I start another pair of toe-ups (Double Eyelet Rib) for myself so that I can work out the actual mechanics of the process and still be able to try it on a normal sized (mine) foot.


Second: Josephine – having cleverly and largely ignored gauge, number to cast-on, knitting front and back separately, etc., this seems miraculously like it might actually fit.  The next dilemma is whether to do another pattern repeat of the lace before I do the eyelet rows and start the bodice.  I think it’s probably fine as it is right now (5 repeats), but I’d hate to have to finish it and rip it back to add another repeat for length.  Might be a good time to put a lifeline in today before I decrease for the eyelets and bodice.  Another problem (caused by my largely ignoring the pattern specifications) is figuring out the decreases needed and the eyelet placement according to the number of stitches I have.  Time to get the graph paper out! (mods available here)


Third (and this one’s more positive): Pumpkin Booties – I’ve been wanting to revise the top of these for a while, get the pattern written up properly, and get it up for sale on Ravelry.  The “leafy” top is inspired by Grumperina’s Jaywalkers sock pattern, as well as assorted chevron patterns.  I’d like to get permission from her to include the attribution for the inspiration, so I sent her a pic this morning and I’m waiting to hear back.


Fourth: Socket to Phoebe (her 21st birthday sock yarn blanket) – More knitting maths were needed here as I suddenly realized that I have less than a year and a half to finish this.  It appears that if I average one square a day I’ll easily have it done in time to do the edging section and the I-cord edge.  Seven days since I worked that out and eight squares knitted – I’m ahead of the game!


In other knitting news, the Bumblebee Bootie reverse-engineering project has been relegated to hibernation status again.  I really thought I was going to get it this time, but I’m not happy with the way the decreases look at the sides of the instep with the puffy stripe pattern.  I need to reconsider these again.


The hibernating Sock Yarn Pillow is almost ready to come out of hibernation and be dealt with.  I really only have to do the I-cord edging on the top piece, then join the two pieces together and put the zip in.  I don’t know what my problem is with this project.


Oh yeah, maybe it’s that whole sewing and zip thing.

Free time winding down now …

Rats!  The summer semester starts in just over a week and I feel like I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.  However, I did finally block the River Rapids 2 socks (finished for ages, but not blocked).  They are probably for me, but would make a good emergency Christmas present, so I might just stash them ;)

river rapids socks

river rapids socks

The Harris Tweed socks for Chris are done and look great.  Just his colours :)

The Bamboo Clapotis is nearly done, although somehow in my head that got finished last weekend and something else (a heavily modified Bob?) was started.  Oh well, maybe this week.

I did manage to get hooked up as a designer at Ravelry, so I certainly accomplished one of the big to-dos off my semester break list.  I put the headset ear cover pattern up as a free pdf download, and I have one bootie pattern written up, but I need to test it, or find someone else to do so, before I make it available for sale.  I also need to check some other bootie pattern prices.

Slow going here

as the Spring semester winds down.

Still, I have managed to finish the furry purple thing:

ruffled edge wrap

ruffled edge wrap

(the Ruffled Edge Wrap – which will be very warm next winter, if very bright)

I’ve started my second Clapotis in luscious red bamboo:

clapotis 2

clapotis 2

And I’ve started a pair of semi-mindless socks which will be the beginning of the Christmas knitting:

harris tweed socks

harris tweed socks

They were necessary to go to the NETSL conference, so that I could sit still for hours.  They’ll also serve for the ride to NYC tomorrow.

The semester ends in 11 days (and yes, I’m counting) so there should be some good progress after that for 4 weeks!