darn it

For today’s adventure in knitting repairs, I’ve “darned” a hole in one of my favourite pairs of socks.  This is not darning as I learned it from my Nanna, rather, it’s picking up some stable stitches at one end of the hole and knitting back up to fill in the hole.  You also reinforce the edges as you go by picking up some solid stitches on the sides.  When you get to the “top” of the hole, you can choose a line of solid-looking stitches to graft your patch to.

sock darning

If you are smart, you repair your socks before they actually have a hole by duplicate stitching over the thinning section. Much easier!

With either method, having a darning egg or mushroom is really helpful.  I’m lucky enough to have two lovely antique mushrooms.  One was given to me by a friend and one was my Nanna’s.  Considering that my grandfather wore only handknit socks made by her from when they got married until he died (50+ years), I think hers probably saw a lot of use!

darning mushrooms