more happiness

In a fit of what I like to think of as the opposite end of the hormonal behaviour spectrum from nesting, I’ve spent most of the last two days rearranging, de-cluttering, cleaning, and just generally restoring order to my home office space.

I really didn’t want to start what will be a busy fall (work, other work, internship, user instruction job) in the badly organized and cluttered space as it was.

The impetus for this probably came from my ongoing project to weed out at least some of the books in the house.  The ulterior motive for that project was to get one particular bookcase emptied in order to do this:

Wheels within wheels, eh?  Don’t you just love the “wall of wool?”  I know I do.  :)

So, bring on fall, graduation, and holiday gift knitting.  I’m ready for it.

Fall semester really underway

Well, I finally feel like I’ve established some kind of routine for this semester.  The juxtaposition of an asynchronous class with what is now the norm for me of the synchronous classes at UA has been a little bit jarring.  Add to the mix another totally different organizational style from a professor and it’s been an unsettling couple of weeks.

Oh, and let me just say that (virtual, distance) group work is even more interesting when you *really* don’t know your other group members at all and you don’t have an online meeting space with audio in which to get together.  Group work for the Mizzou class is done (so far) entirely by using the discussion tool.  Very difficult.

I think the two classes do share some similarities, though.  For both, the amount of effort put in will really affect how much is learned.  Also, they both require fairly extensive application of time management strategies.

Time to dive back in to Dreamweaver and CSS.  Next up, OCLC Connexion …

The boy appears to be well settled into life at UConn after a week on campus.  See the fan in the window up on the top floor?  That’s where he’s not spending much time at all ;)


on the home stretch …

With the first class of the fall 2009 semester last night, I’m officially past the halfway mark.  It feels great to have accomplished this much in just a year.  One year ago yesterday, I had my very first class of the program.

LS 506 (Cataloging & Classification) seems like it’s going to be an interesting class – and not too insanely difficult. Yay!  I’d like to get started on the first assignment before the craziness that is next week, but the database is down for maintenance.

Halfway to an MLIS

(pending final grades, of course), and there were times this semester when I didn’t think I would make it.  I’m really not sure how some of the others in my cohort managed to do two classes and work full-time – I would have been dead by now.  I’m so fortunate to have summer off work so that I could focus on those two remaining required classes.

So, it’s on to electives in the Fall!  I’ll be taking LS 506 – Cat & Class, and IS_LT 7370 – Intermediate Web Development (this one through the University of Missouri’s online program, MU Direct).  I’m really looking forward to experiencing the difference between synchronous classes (UA) and asynchronous (MUDirect).  I’ve never done an asynchronous one before so it will be interesting to see what kind of additional time management skills I’ll need to apply.

I have (an enormous pile of) textbooks, shiny new binders, and a vaguely tidy desk (once I remove the swift and ball winder).


I can now relax for two weeks, get caught up on some knitting, and figure out what else the boy needs for his dorm room.

Such a relief to be halfway through the program – it’s downhill from here, I hope!

Too many things started … not enough finished

Well, I’m in middle of multiple Denim booties. The problem with these is because they’re done in a self-striping yarn, and they’re so small, they come out looking like mismatched pairs. I’ve decided to knit multiple single booties (also a good exercise in working out how many I’ll get from a ball of yarn), and then see if I can match them up. Already the ones I’ve been knitting are much darker than the pair I sold at etsy … not sure why. The single bootie I managed out of the tiny remains of a skein is almost all dark gray/blue.

Other booties that need to be tackled: black cats, another pair of pumpkins to sew up, tuxedos to sew up, and start thinking about Christmassy ones.

My (ginormous) felted tote still needs the handle sewn on before I give it a trial. Pics to follow if it’s successful.

Drake’s Steel Yard mitts need to be started, as does George’s Windowpane scarf (I would have sworn that I found the pattern for this at knitpicks, but I can’t see it there now – I hope I printed it out!).

That’s not to mention Phoebe’s socks (in this fabulous colour from Razzy Tazzy Knits), Phoebe’s sweater (Tubey, but I don’t have all the yarn yet), Mum’s wrap (which I’m combining patterns for), and the fool idea I had that everyone would get a pair of socks this Christmas.

So … priorities …

  • tote finished
  • mitts started
  • pumpkin booties sewn up and listed on etsy
  • denim booties finished
  • tuxedo booties finished, pics taken, and listed
  • black cats – experiment with ears
  • Phoebe’s socks: start
  • Tubey for Phoebe: start
  • scarf for George: start
  • wrap for Mum: start



Well, the older pumpkin booties are listed at my etsy shop. I’ll have to make some new smaller ones. I’ll see what the orange Dale Baby wool looks like when it gets here this week.

I want to try knitting black cats again, too. Now that I’ve figured out how to do the ears better, they might sell too.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Well, I must learn about doing this sometime … now seems as good as any other time, as I’m only in the middle of about 6 major household projects, 5 knitting UFOs, and school starts this week which means back to work for me.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this fairly routinely. Even if it only serves as practice for library school, and a way to document FOs, it will be useful.