javascript zombie

So, I apparently wrote that last post, saved it, but never published it.  I’m definitely blaming javascript for having eaten most of my brain in the last few weeks.

Fortunately, the section of my brain that deals with the actual knitting (as opposed to writing about knitting) has survived the semester intact so far.

Vivian is underway, thanks mostly to my innate need to create order out of chaos translated into a nifty spreadsheet:

One hat, Felicity, is done:

One pair of mitts, in left over Dream in Color Classy, Fetching for Monica/Mum (haven’t decided who yet) is underway:

And the yarn for one thing that wasn’t on the list, a Wavy Feathers Wimple, has been ordered from LotusYarns on etsy, was dyed this weekend, and has been shipped.  It’s going to be beautiful.  Photo of yarn to follow when it gets here.

Somehow, in spite of the extensive Christmas knitting list, I have to knit a pair of French flag booties for a friend at work, a pair of tuxedo booties, so that I can rewrite the pattern to put up on Ravelry, and a pair, or two, of pretty, girly booties for a member of my MLIS cohort whose baby is due around New Years.  I’m thinking of trying to do an applique knitted flower on a pale pink or white pair for a “cherry blossom” effect.  Updates to follow.

Getting underway

with some summer knitting to-dos from my list:

  • Publish free patterns on Ravelry
  • Reverse engineer the bumblebee booties
  • Get some patterns up for sale on Ravelry and etsy
  • Learn to do toe-up socks
  • Clean up some of the hibernating wips

I can pace myself and tackle one of these each week, or I can go nuts and try to do them all at once.  Hmmmm … what to do?

Obviously …

… I am bad at this *sigh*.

Oh well, an update anyway.

Recently finished objects:

Some multi-stripe booties (nice to look at but a pain in the ass to knit – so fiddly!)

My first attempt at Magic Loop socks (and boy am I a convert):

On the needles:

Blankie pillow cover:



Flutter Sleeve Cardigan:
Plus two pairs of strawberry booties for etsy.

Long time …

… no blog (I wonder how many times that’s been done).

Much to report on. I suppose I’m not really very good at keeping up with this. Oh well, it really is just an exercise in web 2.0 for me after all, so I’m not really feeling guilty at all.

Onwards to the projects, both completed and underway.

On the needles: Dad’s Jaywalker socks (for Christmas):

Socket: this is Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket (sure to be an extremely long-term project:

Finished: two pairs of heart booties for etsy:

My Central Park Hoodie (cph) is coming along. It’s actually a little bit further along than in this picture. The right front is done – first foray into short row shoulder shaping went well – the back is done and is waiting til I find buy more stitch holders, then it’s on to the left front. Then just the sleeves (and figuring out whether to knit those in the round or not), the hood (figuring out whether to kitchener that or not) and the button bands (do I want buttons or do I just want really nice oversized one at the top?) *sigh*

Two pairs of stripey booties for zero as a special order on etsy:

Next pair of stripes for etsy:

Finished! (And just in time for his birthday – I think I finished the day before!) Dad’s Diamonds for Him vest:

Drake’s Dashing:

Special order Snowbells baptism booties for etsy:

My Astrakan Vest:

A spare pair of Snowbells for etsy:

Also underway: a t-shirt blanket/throw and bunny booties (no pics yet).


Well, the socks are done.

The strawberry booties are getting there.

Zach’s “tie-dye” yarn for socks is more of a “tie-don’t” – nice yarn if you want rainbow/circus coloured things. Oh well, I suppose I could knit a swatch and see what it actually looks like. It might make nice booties.

Drake’s mitts: Well, I can’t believe that I just ripped out a third of the first mitt again. Even simpler this time: all black w/logo done in doubled contrast in duplicate stitch.

I didn’t realize until I started doing the logo that because I’m knitting in the round, rather than back and forth, the contrast colour for the logo has to be carried all the way around the mitt. What a pain! They should go much faster now, although they’re still only a daylight knit. I just can’t see the black well enough at night.

Some progress …

Three pairs of denim booties are finished and listed at etsy. It looks like I can get 4 pairs from a single ball. Of course they’re darker than the ones that already sold at etsy – this is different yarn! This is Regia Mini Ringel, and those were Regia Jacquard Color. Doh!

The tuxedos are sewn up and listed.

I bought some great sock yarn from See Jayne Knit Yarns at etsy. Zach picked this out for his Christmas socks. He wanted something tie-dye-ey. I’ll post a pick when it gets here.

Finally started Drake’s Steel Yard mitts. Hopefully I’ll get those done fairly quickly so I can start Phoebe’s socks.

Too many things started … not enough finished

Well, I’m in middle of multiple Denim booties. The problem with these is because they’re done in a self-striping yarn, and they’re so small, they come out looking like mismatched pairs. I’ve decided to knit multiple single booties (also a good exercise in working out how many I’ll get from a ball of yarn), and then see if I can match them up. Already the ones I’ve been knitting are much darker than the pair I sold at etsy … not sure why. The single bootie I managed out of the tiny remains of a skein is almost all dark gray/blue.

Other booties that need to be tackled: black cats, another pair of pumpkins to sew up, tuxedos to sew up, and start thinking about Christmassy ones.

My (ginormous) felted tote still needs the handle sewn on before I give it a trial. Pics to follow if it’s successful.

Drake’s Steel Yard mitts need to be started, as does George’s Windowpane scarf (I would have sworn that I found the pattern for this at knitpicks, but I can’t see it there now – I hope I printed it out!).

That’s not to mention Phoebe’s socks (in this fabulous colour from Razzy Tazzy Knits), Phoebe’s sweater (Tubey, but I don’t have all the yarn yet), Mum’s wrap (which I’m combining patterns for), and the fool idea I had that everyone would get a pair of socks this Christmas.

So … priorities …

  • tote finished
  • mitts started
  • pumpkin booties sewn up and listed on etsy
  • denim booties finished
  • tuxedo booties finished, pics taken, and listed
  • black cats – experiment with ears
  • Phoebe’s socks: start
  • Tubey for Phoebe: start
  • scarf for George: start
  • wrap for Mum: start


Now summer's really over

So, school has definitely started. Chaos as usual, but hopefully it will get better.

Knitting? Well, for booties, the playmates are done and up at etsy.

The pink & green stripes seem to be getting the most interest though. I’ll have to try making more. That’ll be after the black cats, more tuxedos, another pair of denims, and whatever else awaits.

Other knitting? I must start Drake’s mitts and Mum’s wrap next, then possibly tackle Phoebe’s socks and her sweater.