no-one to blame but myself

I can’t even blame javascript this time. :(

The following post was written in early December, and somehow, while I was waiting to take some pics to post, I lost track of it …

Take yourself back in time to December 6th …

What a bother grad school is sometimes ;)  Just when I have all this gift knitting to do I have these final projects to work on.  Juggling the two is going to be interesting.

My cataloging final is partially done.  I’ve created all the records for the items in Connexion browser, but I really need to check them over with a fine-toothed comb for errors and to see if any of them are missing anything.  My final project for Web Development is coming along swimmingly.  Knit one, find one (a knitting pathfinder) just needs some minor JavaScript tweaking - I love the way I say that in such a blasé fashion. ;)  I’m looking forward to moving it to a permanent home at the Handknit Librarian site and making some minor changes to it (some of the effects were really just for the class and might come out).  Eventually, this blog will migrate there as well.  I’m hoping to cover booties, blog, pathfinder, portfolio, etc. – all linked off the main page.

Despite all this, some knitting progress has been made.  Vivian is proceeding well.  Still not sure if I’ll get it finished in time, but there is hope.

One pair of fetchings is done:

And another pair of mitts is underway:

One hat is also done:

And several others are queued up.  I just need a little bit more yarn for those – story of my life, hah!

The Wavy Wimple has been started and will be quick work if I can ever get to it!

In non-Christmas knitting, the flower power hat is done and the booties are underway.  These are a gift for Mandy from my Bama cohort.  I thought the baby wasn’t due until the end of the month, but I found out last week that she’s having a C-section on the 14th.  Should have the booties done by tonight or tomorrow and get it all in the mail this week :)

The tuxedo booties, after languishing on the needles on the needles for a while, are done but not seamed.  Still, they’re done enough to have finished the rewrite of the pattern and that’s posted for sale on Ravelry.

The French flag booties are done and are très cute:

the Ravelry factor

Ravelry … it’s a knitting cataloguer’s dream.

Or should that be a cataloguing knitter’s dream?  Whichever.

I enjoy knitting immensely, and rely upon it as a stress-reliever, a time-filler, an ice-breaker – I would be bereft without a project (or three or four) to focus on and to revel in.

However, it occurred to me today that a distinct part of my current enjoyment in knitting (and I have had a couple of periods when I didn’t knit much, particularly when the kids were little) is the pleasure I get from tracking, sorting, and documenting stash, projects, etc. on Ravelry.  There are probably days when I spend more time futzing around in Ravelry than I do actually knitting.  Obviously, the sense of community is a big draw – but that’s also what draws me to librarianship in general, and certainly to cataloguing.  You only have to scan the daily postings from the AUTOCAT listserv to appreciate the collegial and supportive nature of those who practise the art of cataloguing (ignore the spelling, if you can — in my worldview, blogging is an international phenomenon, so I spell as I was taught as a child.  I’m a pretty good multi-cultural speller when I need to be. ;)).

Ravelry has the most extraordinary sense of community … people who’ve never met in person (and who really don’t know much about each other) agree to meet up “in real life” at conferences, knit-in-public events, stitch and bitch nights, on college campuses ….  They help each other with problems knitting-related and not.  Ravelry groups such as the Ravelibrarians offer support for job-hunting, bad days at work, procedural and philosophical dilemmas … there is no limit to what can be addressed and supported via the site.

I find the parallels between the two fascinating, and I’m so grateful to be a member of both communities.

Fall semester really underway

Well, I finally feel like I’ve established some kind of routine for this semester.  The juxtaposition of an asynchronous class with what is now the norm for me of the synchronous classes at UA has been a little bit jarring.  Add to the mix another totally different organizational style from a professor and it’s been an unsettling couple of weeks.

Oh, and let me just say that (virtual, distance) group work is even more interesting when you *really* don’t know your other group members at all and you don’t have an online meeting space with audio in which to get together.  Group work for the Mizzou class is done (so far) entirely by using the discussion tool.  Very difficult.

I think the two classes do share some similarities, though.  For both, the amount of effort put in will really affect how much is learned.  Also, they both require fairly extensive application of time management strategies.

Time to dive back in to Dreamweaver and CSS.  Next up, OCLC Connexion …

The boy appears to be well settled into life at UConn after a week on campus.  See the fan in the window up on the top floor?  That’s where he’s not spending much time at all ;)