Watermelon Booties

A quick and quite easy baby bootie pattern which is knitted flat and then finished with a simple seam. The “seeds” are knitted in right into the fabric of the booties! No fiddly sewing them on later :)

Bootie size can be varied by using a different weight of yarn and a different needle size, allowing a range of sizes to fit 0 – 12months (depending on baby’s foot size). The 0-3 month size uses baby (3ply) or light fingering weight yarns and US 1s, and the 6-9 month size uses sport weight yarn and US 2s.

watermelon booties

The pattern for these is available for download from Ravelry:

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Booties

  1. Is there a typo in your pattern regarding row 9? Should the pattern read:
    row 8: knit
    row 9: k1, inc, k24, inc, k1, inc, k24, inc, k1 (59 sts)
    row 10: knit
    OR is it row 8-10 knit and the increase row should be labeled row 11?

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Actually, the version of the pattern that’s available on Ravelry (watermelon-v2.pdf) does have row 9 as the increase row, so I’m not sure where you’re seeing this. Send me a pm on Ravelry (to shakeyourbooties) and I can confirm what version of the pattern you have.

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