Jester Booties

Happy babies jingle while they shake their booties!

An intermediate difficulty baby bootie pattern which is knitted flat and then finished with a simple seam.  Jester Booties can be knitted in your choice of five or six contrasting colours. Bootie size can be varied by using a different weight of yarn and a different needle size, allowing a range of sizes to fit 0 – 12 months (depending on baby’s foot size). Don’t be put off by the large number of colours involved – you’ll only ever be knitting with a maximum of two at a time.  :)

This pattern is a great way to use up leftover scraps of fingering or sock weight yarn – very little is needed of each colour.  If you don’t want to put bells on them, you could add tiny pom poms or make little knitted bobbles.

jester booties

The pattern for these is available for download from Ravelry:

3 thoughts on “Jester Booties

  1. These are so cute – I just have to make some. Is the pattern just for babies, or can I make some big enough for myself?

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