Ballerina Baby

Make some wee ballet slippers for a baby ballerina you know!  Ribbon ties will help these stay on those fast-moving little feet.  They’re started in the round like a toe-up sock, then knitted flat to create the slipper shape.  They only use a tiny amount of yarn & knit up super quickly with minimal finishing – great if you need a quick and pretty gift!

ballerina baby booties

The pattern for these is available for download from Ravelry:

4 thoughts on “Ballerina Baby

  1. I wish these were available some place else. Maybe Craftsy or Etsy. Cute pattern.

  2. Thanks Nancy! You don’t have to be a member of Ravelry to purchase the pattern, if that’s a problem? I used to sell patterns on etsy, but it’s easier for me to manage pattern sales if they’re in just one place, so for now it’s Ravelry.

  3. I’d like to investigate selling on Craftsy, but I just haven’t had the time so far. Designing, for me right now, is very much a part-time effort – fitted in around a 45+ hour/week job during the school year. Hopefully next summer I’ll have time to get myself set up there. Thanks for your input!

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