Gone are the days when you had to rely on an older and (usually) female relative to teach you how to knit. You can find just about any help you need online, from the basics of your first cast-on to advanced methods and techniques.

Grumperina (goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot)


Kathy, aka Grumperina, knits, designs, and helps, and blogs about it here. She offers patterns, great instructional tips and a wonderful commentary on the vagaries of knitting.

How to Sew a Couch Stitch and More: A Beginner's Guide to Simple Sewing Stitches


Knitters all need to know some basic sewing skills - Once you tackle that first sweater you'll need to know how to sew the seams! Thanks to Sofie, from the Westwood Youth Group, for the suggestion.

Knitting 101: Beginners Resource Guide


Great help for beginners. Kindly suggested by Mrs. Corrigan's students in an after school program in Bellevue, WA.

Knitting at Knoon Designs


Helpful videos show a variety of knitting techniques.

The Knitting Site: Learn to Knit Free Videos


Free videos cover the basic knitting skills, including how to knit left-handed.

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A free online knitting magazine and community, Knitty is published seasonally and offers free patterns, articles, instruction, and discussion.

Learn How to Knit: KnittingHelp.com


This is the site to learn just about any knitting technique, from beginner to advanced. Clear videos with expert narrative demonstrate techniques in action.



As the TECHknitter says, “25 years of knitting tricks want out of my mind, and into yours.”

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