useful & happy

So I had a lovely email the other day. It seems that an after school program leader has been using the knitting pathfinder I created in grad school as a resource while helping her group of kids learn to knit.

 I’ve been using your page quite a bit lately, while going over knitting basics before the kids dive into their own creations.

They had found another site and wanted to suggest it for knit one, find one. The leader asked if it was possible because the kids would think it was very cool.

I’ve added it to the “Instruction” section with a shout out to them – hope it makes their day … just like they made mine.  :)



A “wip,” in knitting terms, is a “work in progress.”

Over the next few weeks (or the next few days if I get obsessed enough and can find the time), my website will be transitioning to this design.  Using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) will enable me to create a static front page with this blog as one of the menu options off that main page.  I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it without obliterating anything.

Needless to say, there will be much backing up before anything is moved and/or deleted.

So, if you’re arriving at this page from a home page that has the same design, that means I’ve succeeded.  Wish me luck!