houndstooth ribbonIt’s hard to express how saddened I am by the devastation in Tuscaloosa.  For a place I’ve only been to (physically) once, I feel a very strong connection.

My heart goes out to all the UA SLIS people affected … faculty, staff, alumni, students.

From this distance there doesn’t seem to be too much to do to help tangibly other than to donate money, so that’s what I’ll do.  Apart from an initial cash donation, I’m planning on donating the proceeds of all my pattern sales from now until August 6 (graduation for the spring semester has been postponed until then).  You can buy patterns directly from Ravelry if you’re a member, or you can buy them from my individual booties pattern pages here at the handknit librarian.

In true librarian fashion, resources for help and information are offered in typically well-organized ways:

T-Town Never Down t-shirt

T-Town Never Down t-shirt

The University of Alabama has suspended all classes and activities, cancelled finals and postponed May graduation until the summer ceremony on August 6.  Professors seem to be going out of their way to ensure that no student is penalized in any way by the catastrophic events of April 27.

knitter season

Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) has it absolutely right … it’s knitter season.

Reason to feel less gloomy about the shorter days, colder weather, and impositions on our life.  Instead, rejoice!  More time curled up on the couch with bad movies/TV and really good knitting.

I can’t wait.  Please let grad school be over soon so that I can really take advantage of this?

better than sliced bread

Email received today:

From: University of Alabama ILL office

Subject: Your requested Interlibrary Loan material has been mailed

Body:  Dear Katherine Popadin (DE),  A loan that you had requested:  Title: An annotated bibliography on hand knitting with an historical introduction.  Author: Gifford, Virginia Snodgrass.  has been received and per your instructions regarding delivery is now in transit to you at the following address …

This is beyond the usual ILL magic.  This (self-published book), according to WorldCat, is owned by five libraries in the U.S.  (Oh, and UA is not one of them).  And it’s in the mail to me!

Why?  Well, I have to design and develop a Web site for a final project for my Intermediate Web Development class through Mizzou.  I’m going to create a knitting pathfinder.  :)

Fall semester really underway

Well, I finally feel like I’ve established some kind of routine for this semester.  The juxtaposition of an asynchronous class with what is now the norm for me of the synchronous classes at UA has been a little bit jarring.  Add to the mix another totally different organizational style from a professor and it’s been an unsettling couple of weeks.

Oh, and let me just say that (virtual, distance) group work is even more interesting when you *really* don’t know your other group members at all and you don’t have an online meeting space with audio in which to get together.  Group work for the Mizzou class is done (so far) entirely by using the discussion tool.  Very difficult.

I think the two classes do share some similarities, though.  For both, the amount of effort put in will really affect how much is learned.  Also, they both require fairly extensive application of time management strategies.

Time to dive back in to Dreamweaver and CSS.  Next up, OCLC Connexion …

The boy appears to be well settled into life at UConn after a week on campus.  See the fan in the window up on the top floor?  That’s where he’s not spending much time at all ;)