bad …

… blogger … somewhat bad knitter.

Life got busy with a new job and somehow 6 months or so just flew by.  The new job is great, but I just haven’t had the mental energy to keep up with everything.  One of my goals for the new year is to get a little balance back into my life.

Knitting suffered a bit too.  My goal of 11 in 11 (pairs of socks and cabled things) was just barely achieved and only with a little fudging.  One “pair” of socks were these tiny ones …

 tiny socks

Some of the socks were cabled, so they counted for both.  Not exactly what I had in mind initially, but still not too bad.

Some of the socks did double duty on the design front too.  I’m working on two separate cable patterns:

Hugs & Kisses:

hugs and kisses socks

and Manly Hugs:

manly hugs mitts

I’m hoping to have patterns written up and published for mitts and socks for both by the middle of January.  Eventually, I’d like to add a toe-up version to the sock patterns too.

chalk it up to experience

Glad to be posting again.  Really.  Yesterday I completely obliterated this entire blog.  I seem to have recovered most of it, but am missing almost all the uploaded pictures.  Not sure how, or if, I can fix that problem.  I may need to just move on. Also, none of my pages (about, knitting, etc.) are working. *sigh*

I’ve learned a lot from this experience so far.  Trying to use WordPress as a CMS is both ridiculously easy and crazy hard.  Oh, and fraught with danger.  ;)

Further adventures later today if I don’t blow it up again.


Well, I took the plunge today and finally figured out how to move my blog over to my own domain.  Please don’t ask how I did it – I’m not entirely sure.  There was much swearing and frustration, but through the use of my super-secret librarian powers (judicious skimming & use of search and help files) I finally managed it.

If you’re reading this at its new home,, don’t go anywhere!  If you’re reading it from the old site, you should head over to the handknit librarian instead (there will be no further blog posts at the blog).