Knitting ones, at least.

  1. Knit from stash only (with the exception of one baby cardigan & possibly some smaller design-works-in-development items).
  2. Finish some long-languishing projects: the boy’s blanket (now overdue for his 21st – will get done for his 22nd); the semaphore socks for Mr. Booties (they’ll be for his birthday).
  3. Tidy up my queue on Ravelry – delete things that I really won’t knit any time soon (make sure they’re favourited so I can find them easily again) & resort the list so that items made from stash that I really want are at the top of the queue.
  4. Work on some designs: some new booties, and work on the patterns for Hugs & Kisses / Manly Hugs mitts and socks.
  5. Don’t (mentally) beat myself up if I don’t get everything done that I’ve planned (this one goes for life in general, too!).

As a start, I’ve swatched for my Harvest Moon cardigan.  Of course, my gauge isn’t right, so I’ll need to plan accordingly!

harvest moon cardigan gauge swatch

The Cascade Eco Duo – an alpaca merino blend – is like fairy hair. Or unicorn mane. Or something else out of this world.  I don’t even mind the thought of doing miles of stocking stitch in it.

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