11in11 cables #1

First cabled item done for the year … ten more to go!

rock creek hatRock Creek Hat from knitty, Winter 2011

This was a lovely fast knit, although I had to start it a few times as I wasn’t getting anywhere near gauge.  I also made many modifications because of the stitch and row gauge I was getting.

It turned out to be just what I wanted – warm, comfortable, but not too dorky!  Road tested successfully today while shoveling ice – not my favourite winter activity!

2 thoughts on “11in11 cables #1

  1. kpop, nice look, you and the snow, and while i did some shoveling and scraping recently, it was not like that. too much icing on that car-cake, imho.

    all good things with your mlis, and please let me hear where you settle, sz

  2. Thanks Mr. Zary!

    MLIS is done, done, done! Job-hunting continues. We are not geographically mobile right now for several reasons, but the new master plan is to buy a house in NC or SC, install my parents, then move down there later.

    We’ll never be in spitting distance, but we might be in visiting distance eventually! My husband is much swayed by thoughts of gardening year-round, or close to it. He misses that from the old country.

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