year of scarves update #6

I’m a little slow getting to this, but I have been a bit busy …

My milkweed is finished and is just lovely.  I will definitely be making this pattern again.

The car-pooling Karius is also done, as is 220yds to graduation, but these are surprise gifts for later in the year, so no pics yet. :(

Midsummer Ruffles for Midwinter is also done.  Ditto re making this again.

Just Enough Ruffles scarfI’ve started the boy’s birthday scarf and although it’s got more bright colour than he would normally wear, I’m thinking it might be nice to see him with a splash of colour every now and then.  If he hates it, I’ll just knit him something more muted and give it to someone else (or keep it for myself!).

Zach's striped scarf underwayI’m not very happy with the yarn I’m using for this (Crystal Palace Mochi Plus).  While it’s dreamy soft and the colours are lovely, it varies so much in thickness that it’s infuriating.  There are sections where it changes instantly from something like a bulky weight to fingering or lace weight.  This produces an effect almost like a crease in the knitted fabric which is annoying.  You can see one in the pic above, right between the section with green stripes and the section with blue stripes – there’s an olivey-green stripe that almost looks like there’s a fold in the scarf.  Grrrr.  I won’t be using this yarn again.

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