the design process

So, I woke up this morning from a vivid (if bizarre) dream that involved knitting tiny little coloured points … obviously I need to design some jester booties!

I sketched out a rough bootie outline, scanned it, pasted it into a Word doc, then copied it so I had four to a page.  Now for the fun part – the colouring in!  – I love colouring. :)  We still have a big bag of crayons (even though the “children” are now 18 and 20) so I got to work:

jester booties colour schemejester booties colour scheme

The combinations are endless (well, not really, but I was never good at that bit in maths), and I ended up polling the family for their opinions.  Votes were:

  • the architect: 6 … or 7 …. or 1 … or maybe 8  (not really very helpful)
  • the handknitlibrarian: #8
  • the ungrateful one: not here, so she doesn’t get a vote
  • the boy: #1 or #8

We have a winner!  Number 8 it is.  Or, maybe I’ll just colour in a few more ….

I’ll probably do one of the “girlier” combinations as a second knit-through, both to make sure the pattern works, and to demonstrate the different looks for the finished booties.

jester booties colour schemejester booties colour schemeI’m leaning strongly towards #10 or #16 for the girlie ones.

Now, on to the actual knitting!

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