stupid is as stupid does

So, I’m reknitting the strawberry booties so that I can make sure the pattern works before I put it up for sale on Ravelry.  I wasn’t ever completely happy with the shape of the finished booties, so after knitting one test pair the original way, I decided to alter the pattern a bit to make them shaped more like the other booties I make.

Here’s where the stupid comes in.  I couldn’t figure out why they (both test pairs) looked so freaking big.  Last night I finally peered at the tiny print on the Clover bamboo knitting needles.  US2.  Not US1, as they should be, but US2.  I managed to knit them on the wrong sized needles TWICE!

Oh, graduate school, you have a lot to answer for with this whole brain-eating phenomenon.

Back to the drawing board with the right needles …

Strawberry booties

1 thought on “stupid is as stupid does

  1. just a random message from a fellow mlis student in vancouver, bc, to say hello, and what gorgeous little booties!

    while taking a break from a brain-eating paper (you are right about graduate school), i tried a “the * librarian” pseudo-proximity search on google, just out of curiosity, and came across this site and am marveling at your lovely knitting work. it is a breath of fresh air to see your passion and love for the craft come through in your writing and pictures. the expression “like knitting with butter” from a few posts ago makes me want to run out and cuddle a skein.

    thanks for writing :-)


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