on the first day of Christmas (knitting) …

my conscience prodded me ….

Let’s see, I apparently need to knit five easy hats, four pairs of fingerless mitts, … two cabled ornaments, and  one Vivian (which may kill me).

I may need to revise this.

I do have two pairs of socks stashed (one with a definite recipient in mind and one as a fallback – provided the recipient is female and wears size 8 or so shoes).  Three of the hats are really necessary, plus all the mitts, and Vivian.  The ornaments could be a victim of holiday knitting attrition.

I’ll start one hat this weekend.  I started Vivian (three times) this week, and I think I finally have it right.  I’ve made up a spreadsheet for the first two rows in the first two sizes (as I was undecided about what size to knit for the ungrateful one).  I’ll upload it here and link it once I’ve established that it really works.  I’m glad I’m not alone in struggling with the first couple of rows.

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