Halfway to an MLIS

(pending final grades, of course), and there were times this semester when I didn’t think I would make it.  I’m really not sure how some of the others in my cohort managed to do two classes and work full-time – I would have been dead by now.  I’m so fortunate to have summer off work so that I could focus on those two remaining required classes.

So, it’s on to electives in the Fall!  I’ll be taking LS 506 – Cat & Class, and IS_LT 7370 – Intermediate Web Development (this one through the University of Missouri’s online program, MU Direct).  I’m really looking forward to experiencing the difference between synchronous classes (UA) and asynchronous (MUDirect).  I’ve never done an asynchronous one before so it will be interesting to see what kind of additional time management skills I’ll need to apply.

I have (an enormous pile of) textbooks, shiny new binders, and a vaguely tidy desk (once I remove the swift and ball winder).


I can now relax for two weeks, get caught up on some knitting, and figure out what else the boy needs for his dorm room.

Such a relief to be halfway through the program – it’s downhill from here, I hope!

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